Summary:  As an independent consultant in the medical device industry for eight years, there is a great deal that I have been fortunate enough to experience along the way.   In  this posting I will be highlighting a few of my significant learnings during this period.  While some of them appear to be inherently obvious, it is important to reflect on them, anyway.

As this posting is a “work in progress” I have listed, by topic, areas in which I will discuss in the future.  Thougt I would start with what is probably the most important:  Respect the client.

#1: Respect:  It is important to understand how to make a recommendation or a suggestion, or otherwise, a particular direction you feel your client should pursue.  You must put your diplomat hat on when presenting, and always try to relate to a common objective, such as a business or regulatory goal or objective.

#2: They Pay the Bill:

#3: Who is the Real Client?

#4: What is their Problem?

#5: What does Success Look Like?

#6: Understand their Motivating Factors:

#7: How do you Know when you are Done?

#8: Do you Understand their Needs?

#9: How and When to Communicate:

#10: What are the Deliverables (Work Product)?

#11: Are you a Good Fit for the Client?  For the Project?

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